Fritid & Vildmark

Fritid & Vildmark (genom Moritz Isaksson) lanserar nu ett antal nya vapen som är riktigt fina och passar ypperligt inom Metallsilhuettskytte !!

Vapnen har bland annat pipbytessystem så att det går att använda olika pipor för olika grenar.

“Hello all,

I would like to present a newly developed gun for silhouette shooting.We call it the Micro Raptor, it is based on the CZ 457 action and thereby has the ability to change barrels.

Attached is a brochure for the gun.

It´s available for orders on-line via our homepage or by contacting me, Moritz Isaksson.

Prices depending on configuration is presented at our site (for the moment our website is only available in Swedish, we are working on a translation to English).

Best Regards
Moritz Isaksson!”
Email =>
Phone: +46(0)911-342 03 Cellphone Direct: +46(0)73-866 90 8

Brochure 1= > Microraptor Swedish (.pdf)
Brochure 2=> Microraptor English (.pdf)

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